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Now Integrated With Eagleview For Even Easier Lump Sum Roof Bids

With Our Proprietary Eagleview Webhook Integration…You can now Login to your Eagleview account through RoofBid Pro, and order reports directly through our system, which will be AUTOMATICALLY added to your roofing estimates for automated calculations.  

Once Eagleview Provides The Roof Report, RoofBid Pro Does All The Work For You…And Produces Purchase Orders for material, Work Orders for Labor, Equipment Orders for Dumpsters, and even Subcontractor Orders for other Trade Work, then breaks down a Budget for each System. 

RoofBid Pro Will Calculate Your Profit For Each Roofing System You Select…Down to a box of nails! You set your Overhead and Profit Margins, and see the PRECAP for each system. You will know EXACTLY how much Profit you are going to make on every project, no matter which system your client selects!

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5 Simple Steps to Create Multiple Bids
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Automated Roofing Proposals For Both
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Create Bids for ALL of These Roofing Systems AT ONCE for both Steep & Low Slope
  • 25 Year 3 Tab Shingle
  • 30 Year Shingle
  • 40 Year Shingle
  • 50 Year Shingle
  • 50 Year Tri-Laminate Shingle
  • Wood Shakes
  • Concrete Tile
  • Clay Tile
  • Standing Seam
  • Stone Coated Steel
  • Modified Bitumen – 2 Ply
  • Modified Bitumen – 3 Ply
  • Modified Bitumen – Insulated
  • TPO
  • Coatings

Top Reasons To Quit Xactimate

Xactimate is made by Verisk Analytics, which is owned by the insurers.  It is their estimation program, made by them, for them. For one purpose; to drive your costs down. 

Insurance companies love to trap you into their Xactimate world where they want you to provide them a “cost plus” estimate, showing individual line items for every single action. This is a potential setup for you to be charged with Fraud. Lump Sum Bids are immune to this threat.

Xactimate is expensive. A single “seat” for a license is $270 a month.  And the program is antiquated. With barely a UI update in 20 plus years.

Adjusters don’t play fair when using Xactimate. They use old price lists which pay less, instead of the price list from the month the work was completed. 

When you use Xactimate, you are actually accepting more/less than your actual costs per line item.  For instance, you might be paying $89.00 a square for shingles, but Xactimate might be paying you $72.00 a square for shingles. Hidden inside the line items, the labor and material efficiencies are median prices, not what you actually pay. 

Multiple Bids

Multiple Roofing Bids Generated To Present To Your Client On Site In Minutes

Job Costing

Estimate Every Job Cost On The Roof Including Labor, Equipment, Subcontractors, and Materials

Forms Completed

All Forms Are Automatically Completed For You. When It's Time To Build, Just Click Print

Commission Precap

Precap Your Jobs With Ease & Know Your Commission Before You Sign A Contract

Responsive App

Use RoofBid Pro On Any Computer, Any Tablet, or Any Smart Phone!

Insurance Restoration -or- Retail Cash Replacement???

What's The Difference?

THE TRUTH IS…It should not matter if you are doing insurance restoration work or performing a cash replacement on a retail roof job, your price should be the same…determined by your actual job costs, and the required amount of overhead (both indirect and job related) and profit you need to keep your company alive, and thriving. 

Whether an insurer or a homeowner is paying, should make no difference to you.  Neither should be charged more than is necessary, and neither should be given a discount for your quality workmanship. 

RoofBid Pro comes in clutch and provides a lump sum bid that prevents carriers or homeowners from beating you up, asking for refunds for left over materials in the case of homeowners, or accusing you of fraud for lack of performance of line items in the case of insurers.  

At what point did we start thinking it’s ok to let the insurance company create our price list for us? Or tell us what components of the roof should be paid for and should not be, when the contractor is the one who has to warranty the work? 

Why did we get into this mindset that we must get every line item available approved, plus overhead and profit, or we are somehow doing ourselves and our customers a disservice? 

Cost Component Requirements for a Contractor on a Roof Job
Insurance Restoration
Retail Cash Replacement

The requirements for a contractor are the Exact Same in both scenarios…We have just been conditioned to believe we deserve MORE when it’s an insurance restoration contract, and that we must charge LESS when it’s a retail contract. Both of these are bold faced lies. 

So How Do You Get Insurers To APPROVE Your Lump Sum Bids?

Well I’m glad that you asked! This is our specialty at RoofBid Pro.  Keep reading to get all of our Secrets to Getting your Lump Sum Bids Approved by Insurance Carriers

So…you heard about lump sum bidding, and decided you wanted to give it a try.  Then you wrote up a lump sum bid, and sent it over to the insurance carrier, only for them to tell you that they don’t accept estimates in that format, and you need to break your estimate down into line items, right?

Then, because the insurer didn’t just roll over and acquiesce, you decided lump sum bidding doesn’t work and you went back to Xactimate…am I right?

Well, let’s solve these problems why don’t we?

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