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Aloha Roofing Industry! I am so excited to share the wealth of knowledge and experience I have with you through our blog! As a second generation roofing contractor I grew up around roofing. Roofing was my first job. I have owned multiple, successful, multi-million dollar companies. I have traveled the United States chasing storms, as well as planted my flag in Hawaii and ran a retail roofing operation for 6 years. I have created over $50Million in revenues and have supreme confidence in the skills I’ve learned.

In addition to my business successes, I am a father of five beautiful children and eldest sibling to two younger brothers. Among my professional accomplishments, I am a roofing contractor, real estate investor, software developer and insurance claim expert. My hobbies are vast and varied; chef, moonshiner, drummer, singer, carpenter, author, barber, photographer, and builder.

I am altruistic in almost all that I do. I am an advocate personality and just want to see those around me succeed, and I push them hard to that end. I often times see more in people than they see in themselves, and definitely expect more from them than they think they are capable of. I love to encourage people and build them into leaders.

I built the first scaled “supplement as a service” company, called Exact Claims, where we did estimation and supplementation on thousands and thousands of claims for hundreds of contractors across the nation. I have dealt with all major insurance restoration contractors, and all major insurance companies across the country and understand all them all individually.

My goal with my program, this blog, and my website is to provide as much value as I possibly can, to bring the industry forward, simplify the processes we are required to take as a contractor that performs insurance restoration work, and teach all contractors how to sell retail contracts with ease. I want to see us get off of Xactimate and onto proprietary roofing estimation software that is build by roofers for roofers, like RoofBid Pro, and others in the industry I have respect for, though they may be competitors.

I know the only way to beat the insurance company is to play their own game against them. We need to unite behind a method of estimating that is not dictated by the insurer, with their price list and cost plus exposure to the contractor.

I am here for you all, ready to serve, and look forward to the relationships and industry change that lie ahead!

Good Hunting Roofing Industry!

Elijah De La Garza

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